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Pre-conference breakout session leads into a Virtual Welcome and Networking Reception to kick off the week.


10:00am - 3:30pm CST

Conference Grand Opening, mainstage feature session, breakout sessions, networking opportunities.


10:00am - 3:30pm CST

Mainstage feature session, breakout sessions, networking opportunities.


10:00am - 3:30pm CST

Breakout sessions, networking opportunities, closing mainstage feature session.

Mainstage Feature Sessions

Rise: The Dawn of a New Era for Low-Carbon Fuels

As the global economy continues to reel from a year of upheaval, the energy sector has not escaped unscathed. Yet the impending “energy transition” — the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy — has mostly remained intact, despite fears that the pandemic would send it into a tailspin, too. Behind the drive for a reinvented energy system, with the ultimate goal of driving down greenhouse gas emissions, you will find powerhouse states like California, New York, and more. What vast opportunities exist for biodiesel and renewable diesel in this low carbon transformation? You may find the boundless potential driven by progressive state policies simply mind-blowing! Join our CEO and panel of experts as we kick off the 2021 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo with this dynamic main stage event.

Rise and Shine with Fats, Oils, and Renewable Diesel!

Start your morning off with the breakfast of champions – fats, oils, and renewable diesel! Biodiesel and renewable diesel producers contribute significantly to federal Renewable Fuel Standard requirements, while state carbon policies will dictate the need for low carbon fuels. A flurry of recent plant announcements underscores that when it comes to serving up feedstocks, renewable diesel also needs a seat at the table. So how will fats and oils production rise to the occasion? Join our chairman and our guests to learn about continued investments in new technology, how market forces impact feedstock availability, growing global fats and oils supplies, and commercial opportunities for new winter annual oilseed production.

Follow the Golden Brick Road: Can Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel, and Electric Vehicles Co-Exist?

California has grabbed a lot of headlines in its drive to a low carbon transportation future – and those headlines fit the "electrification” narrative we so often hear. But reality shows us that so many other clean technologies and fuels achieve substantial emissions and carbon reductions – including biodiesel and renewable diesel. California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) has already put the state on the path to true carbon reduction in their transportation fuels. Just how realistic is an All-EV rollout – ever? And what role can we expect biomass-based diesel to play now and for decades to come? Follow the Golden Brick Road with our panel of experts as the sun sets on the 2021 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo.

Breakout Sessions

Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel 101

This fast-paced 101 session will give you all the basics that you need to know on the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry. Whether you are new to the world of biodiesel and renewable diesel or simply need a refresher course, this session will have you covered. NBB Communications and Member Specialist Cody Graham will lead this session and get you ready for a week full of incredible content. Bring your questions so you’re ready to rise and shine at the 2021 conference!

Rise of the Guardians: How BQ-9000 Programs Can Offer Peace of Mind

Through every step of the production, testing and distribution process, the BQ-9000 programs offer the biodiesel industry a quality management system. Find out how this program can make your own piece of the puzzle a perfect fit in a top-quality industry picture!

Bioheat Rises

Last year heating oil leaders took center stage to share intentions of a concerted transition to low carbon options like Bioheat®. What progress has the industry made towards The Providence Resolution’s goals? Oilheat continues to face an existential threat – both from competing heat sources and the demand for lower climate impact. Success in a low carbon world will require action in five areas: carbon footprint, supply and infrastructure, standards, policy, and communications.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting an RFS Rule

EPA delayed issuing the 2021 RFS proposed rule until past the November election, creating uncertainty for biodiesel producers. With the election behind us, what issues have arisen with the rule? How will that shape the RFS for 2022 and beyond? What are the prospects for a national low-carbon fuel standard to supplement or replace the RFS? Come ready for a great discussion on what to expect.

Biodiesel Fuel Standards and Quality: Raising the Bar

Major changes are coming with new high-tech Ultra Low Emissions Diesel Engines (ULEDEs) that provide near-zero tailpipe emissions. Activity is also ramping up for higher blends of biodiesel in heating oils, as well as use of low carbon fuels to produce electricity and reduce the carbon footprint of marine shipping. Fuel quality will become even more critical as biodiesel blend levels rise to meet increasing demands to address climate change. Techies won't want to miss this session where experts on the front line of R&D and standard-setting will provide insight into biodiesel quality in the U.S. and plans for raising the bar with higher blend standards at ASTM.

Rise Above it: Sharing Your Story in the Midst of a Pandemic

How will your company rise to the occasion during unforeseen circumstances, like a pandemic? How you frame your story can greatly impact your company’s brand. While COVID-19 swept the nation, find out how biodiesel and renewable diesel companies banded together to help others in need, and how it helped build rapport and create a conversation about a better, cleaner fuel choice along the way. Join us in learning how to tell a story that rises above the rest and build lasting relationships during challenging times.

The Changing Landscape for Diesel Vehicles

Today, three out of four trucks on the road are powered by diesel powertrains, and 98 percent of the large over-the-road Class 8 trucks are diesels. Yet major changes are in store as diesel equipment manufacturers face increasingly stringent regulations for Ultra Low Emissions Diesel Engines. Hear directly from the manufacturers tasked with meeting these challenges head-on, and how biomass-based diesel fuels are helping them rise to the occasion.

Soy Story: The Future Role of Soybean Oil in the Biomass-based Diesel Market

Soybean oil has a long history as a vital feedstock for biodiesel, and more recently for renewable diesel. As state carbon policies drive huge opportunities for these fuels, could the expanding markets change the value dynamics of a bushel of soybeans? Our expert panel will discuss this important symbiotic relationship and explore the possibility that the value of soybean oil plays a more important role in the future for oilseed processors. What opportunities exist for soybean production technology companies to respond to this enhanced oil value?

The Rising Stars of Science: The Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel

From exciting feedstock research to the comparative cost of carbon reduction strategies, biodiesel research and outreach projects are on the rise at universities and colleges coast-to-coast! Come see the work of these rising stars of science, and how it could impact your business and our energy supply at large for decades to come.

Rising to the Next Challenge in Washington

With significant wins in tax and trade policy, the biodiesel industry weathered 2020 and set a course for aggressive growth through 2030. In light of the recent election, what tax, trade, and infrastructure policies lie ahead for the 117th Congress? How might they impact biodiesel and renewable diesel producers?

Biomass-Based Diesel Volumes on the Rise

We’ve all heard the hype over recent announcements for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel production. What’s behind this seemingly sudden rise, and how will it impact the current biodiesel industry? We’ll take a deep dive with key players in this emerging space.

Catching up with America’s Fleet Trailblazers

Top-ranking fleets across the nation count on biodiesel for performance plus sustainability. Hear how these fleet leaders won’t settle for the status quo in their operations. Find out what’s driving their decisions. Join their journey to learn how they are pressing for higher biodiesel blend levels, renewable diesel use, and more.

Rise and Fall of CARES Act Tax Changes and More – Tap In!

The COVID-19 stimulus bills offer multiple options to provide liquidity to business needed to jumpstart the economy, specifically tax incentives and other loan options. Some have a limited window of opportunity. Are you taking advantage of these economic drivers?

Driving Decarbonization: Eliminating Emissions Throughout the Biomass-Based Diesel Supply Chain

Today’s farmers use precision agriculture and advanced practices to reduce inputs and increase on-farm revenue. Newly minted carbon markets have the potential of unlocking additional revenue streams. Pairing these efforts with advances in manufacturing will result in reduced emissions, from the farm to the fuel tank, securing biodiesel's already-strong sustainability story, while increasing value in the supply chain. You’ll hear from Matt Herman, NBB’s new director of environmental science and other experts who represent the supply chain.